Shih-Yao Lin  

Applied Scientist

Amazon Alexa AI

About Me

I am an Applied Scientist at Amazon Alexa AI. Before joining Amazon, I worked at Sony (R&D Center US Lab) as a Senior Research Scientist from 10/2021 to 7/2022, working on 3D Character Motion Generation for GameFrom 4/2018 to 8/2021, I worked at Tencent America as a Senior Researcher, working on Human Pose Estimation and Motion Analysis. From 5/2017 to 3/2018, I was a Postdoc at Bosch (Research and Technology Center), working on Sensor-based Hand Gesture Detection.

My current research interests lie at the intersection between Computer Vision and Deep Multimodal Learning

We're hiring  CV/ML applied science summer interns in 2023! Contact me if you are interested! [Job Description]